Welcome to Ton-Up Minneapolis!

Our Annual Rockers Spring Social is coming up!

Please join us on May 21, 2016 at Club Jager (923 Washington Avenue N) for one of the largest displays of vintage motorcycles from around the world (except the Viking Chapter show which is bigger). We were featured in Cafe Racer Magazine last year and there really are some rare machines that ride in for our show. Sign up is from 1-4 and Awards are at 5:00. We hand weld the awards together from old motorcycle parts because we have some professional artisans in our club. Speaking of making things, this is also a good time to hit you up about our One-Up Scholarship Fund which raises money for young adults who are interested in going to school for welding, building or fabrication with an emphasis on motorcycles. Click the link above to find out more, and we hope to see you at the show. There are more events listed on the Events page as well.

Ton-Up Club History:

The Ton-Up Club Originated in Britain on the North side of London back in the 1950’s. This cycle club based themselves out of the Ace Café developing a history that to the day is continued and continues to progress. The HD Channel picked up a series “Café Racer” that features the Ton-Up Club in several of it’s episodes, gaining Ton-Up national commercial notoriety and further promoting the Ton-Up history and future.

Ton-Up Minneapolis:

Ton-Up Minneapolis is a nationally recognized chapter of Ton-Up Club North America. Ton-Up Mpls is a Registered Not for Profit Origination. This is not a typical motorcycle club. T-U Mpls is comprised of persons with varying backgrounds and ideologies yet united with the love of motorbikes and the further development of the motorbike culture.

Please check back very soon and thank you for visiting Ton-Up Minneapolis