One-Up Scholarship Mission Statement:

To provide educational funding and community support to individuals with a passion for motorcycle mechanics, fabrication, the history of motorcycling and community involvement.

Ton Up Motorcycle Club, a registered 517 non- profit with the state of Minnesota is partnering with various business and individual donors in the Minneapolis Saint Paul area to encourage and promote the art and mechanics of motorcycles including design, craftsmanship, development and furthering of passion for motorcycles and mechanics in the Twin Cities.

Ton Up MC is developing a scholarship program that would award applicants a scholarship to a school of their choice based on a 3 party review board on an annual basis beginning Fall 2015. Award amount(s) would be determined based on contributions and be give out based on the following merits:

Applicants submit request via Ton Up MC website/email or in writing to Ton Up Club Minneapolis.
Applicants must demonstrate or show evidence of the following:

1) Beginning or furthering a Career in Motorcycle development, design or maintenance
2) Passion for Motorcycles and Culture
3) Commitment to higher education at MN Registered school/institute for the following year
4) Award amount determined on available funds raised by Ton Up MC
5) Award paid directly to school that applicate in registered for that year and a onetime payment will be sent to school to go against tuition cost only for winning applicate for that school year. Award cannot be used to fund housing, meals or other aspects of higher education and living expenses.

Click here if you would like more information on how to be considered for the scholarship, or donate to our fund by using the button below. 100% of all funds go directly to the recipient.


Please check back very soon and thank you for visiting Ton-Up Minneapolis